Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 1 ½ The Stockholm Scene

September 30th, 2006 by Teresa

Tango DIva Bistro JarlI arrived into Stockholm at 9:15 pm on Thursday, September 28. One of our Tango Diva members Liza offered to show me around while in Stockholm. So, I expected that we would get together some time during my trip, but I never expected her to be waiting for me in the lobby of the Diplomat Hotel! What a treat! I walk to the counter to check in, all the while thinking I would be in bed by midnight. But moments after getting my key, I see a gorgeous blonde stand up and calls out “Teresa!” Sure enough, it was the darling Liza. She handed me a beautiful black bvlgari bag and says, “I just came from a cocktail party at Bvlgari, and I thought you would like a gift bag too.” Of course, I want a gift bag from Bvlgari! She then tells me that Thursday night is a big night on the town and that she wants to take me to a private club where a few of her friends where waiting for her. I jumped in the shower and in 10 minutes I have transformed form a jet lagged chick to a international Tango Diva.

We stroll the pristine streets of Stockholm, chatting about travel, life, and my plans for the next few weeks. In moments, we reach the club. It is a scene out of the La Dolce Vita – Scandinavian style. A few blocks later, we are in front of a stone building on a small plaza in front of the club that is bustling with VIPs. We walk in the door and magically are handed champagne! Liza introduces me to her first-class friends and I run into a guy that I met at the Monte Carlo Yacht Club last year. We talk, laugh, and share stories – all in English!

After the private club, we head to a few hot night stops and then we settle into Bistro Jarl, a cocktail and champagne bar. Liza ordered us a special cocktail made by the famous bartender Shassen Samaletdin. This delicious cocktail was kinda like an apple martini on ice, topped with champagne. It really was out of this world! But after my second one, I knew it was time to head back to my hotel, by way of a hot dog stand.

I got to bed after 4:00 am, Stockholm time, and I knew that the next day was not going to start until after noon.

Divas and Rock Stars in Saga Class

September 29th, 2006 by Teresa

Racok Star Super Nova, Tango DivaUnlike many international carriers, Icelandair does not a First Class. They have a Saga Class. What is great, is the real meaning for the word “saga” which I found at the University of British Columbia:

“The word saga “has been translated out of its original meaning, “She-Who-Speaks,” that is, an oracular priestess, such as were formerly associated with sacred poetry. The literal meaning of saga was “female sage” … The written sagas of Scandinavia were originally sacred histories kept by female sagas or sayers, who knew how to write them in runic script. Among northern tribes men were usually illiterate. Writing and reading the runes were female occupations. Consequently, runes were associated with witchcraft by medieval Christian authorities, who distrusted women’s lore. To them, saga became a synonym for Witch.” from: The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom and Ritual by Barbara Walker (1985, p. 53)

I feel like this trip is my “Saga.” And what better way to start a saga than with an up-and-coming female rock star named Dilana? She was the finalist on the fabulously successful show Rock Star Super Nova. She’s my rock star super Diva!

We were both sitting in Saga Class, me sipping champagne, she sipping Airborne. Dilana is on her way to Iceland for a concert tour. I wish I could have stayed and watched, but Stockholm is waiting and I have my own big adventure waiting for me.

Watch my video with Dilana.

Day 1 – Icelandic Flygirls

September 29th, 2006 by Teresa

Icelandair Tango DivaChicks who fly rock! And I am about to board an Icelandair plane that is being flown by a woman. She is the pilot, her husband is the co-pilot and her two kids are also on the flight.

Icelandair is a great way to fly to Europe. I am leaving from SFO, but they also fly from NY, FL, and DC. What is so great is that you first fly into Reykjavik, where you have the option of staying for a few days, and then flying onto a bevy of destinations in Europe including London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona - to name a few. For a full list click here.

There’s just one problem with flying from SFO to Europe on Icelandair – flights are only during the summer months. So, alas, I am on the final return flight from Stockholm to SFO for the season.

I love airports! They represent possibilities. You show up and there is an endless list of places you can go – that is really cool! Watch my video at SFO before my departure.

Bloomingdale’s opens in San Francisco!

September 27th, 2006 by Teresa

Bloomingdale's Tango DivaI leave for Europe tonight, and although I have vowed to spend my dollars on things that are in Euros, I had to go check out the new Bloomingdale’s. Stephanie and I were invited to a private press opening and the general manager Alan Svensen took us on a VIP tour of his 5-story shopping Mecca.

Us two Tango Divas were the first to purchase items at Bloomie’s!

Door open to the public on Thursday, September 28th, and you can keep up to date about fashion shows, events, and promotions here.

Check out my video with Alan, the general manager here.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Video blogs!

September 24th, 2006 by Teresa

This weekend we met the most awesome couple ever! Robert and Maryam Scoble. He is a world-famous blogger and she is a very talented marketing and technology maven. Finding out, they live a few blocks away from us, and we have a great afternoon hanging out.

They said that I should do a video blog while I’m in Europe. They showed me how to do it, and I think that I am in business! I did a short video if my riding my horse in Half Moon Bay. I will be shooting video every day during my trip through Europe. I will be jetting across Europe from September 27 - October 15.

Check out my video shot in Half Moon Bay!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shaken, not stired

September 14th, 2006 by Teresa

Tango Diva loves Diva VodkaSince the indiscriminant use of the word “Diva” began early last year, I began to use it with gentle trepidation. I came up with the name Tango Diva very thoughtfully. I learned how to fly, and I fell in love with the aviation alphabet. You know, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Echo, Foxtrot, etc. Tango is the phonetic word for the letter T. T as in Travel. As for Diva, she is the Italian Goddess of Wisdom. So, there you have it (female) Travel Wisdom!

But, for many people, it takes a second to get. I have wrestled with changing the company name to something with the word “Chick” or “Girl” and “Travel” or “Jet”, but I always go back to my beloved “Diva.” My goddess of sweet wisdom.

Then this fabulous distillery in London came out with a vodka called – you guessed it – Diva Vodka. It is distilled through gemstones!!! I can’t wait to taste it!

Since there is a vodka called Diva, a hotel called Diva, and a chocolate called GoDiva, I will proudly speak the Diva dialect.

So, to all you incredible Divas out there – rock on, preferable over ice.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Opera Openings, Schooners and low riders

September 12th, 2006 by Teresa

Teresa R Williamson Tim Williamson Tango DivaWhat a weekend! We launched into the weekend with splendid force on Friday at the coveted Opera Gala in San Francisco. The guest all donned on their finest threads. My silk-satin masterpiece was designed by Colleen Quen Couture. It was a silver two-piece creation with big, satin bows down my back. I did feel like a princess for sure!

Teresa R Williamson Tim Williamson Tango DivaSaturday we jetted off to Belvedere and joined a spectator schooner, where we watched the Leukemia Cup Regatta. The afternoon was spent sailing, sipping cocktails, and swaying to reggae at the San Francisco Yacht Club. They raised over $100,000 to fight blood cancer in one day!

Tango Diva Sunday was family day. I drove up to Sacramento to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. I come from a fabulously crazy Mexican family who loves to eat and party. One of my cousins has an Impala that he transformed into a true low rider – with shocks, springs, boom box, and chrome! He took me cruisin’ while we listened to hip hop.

I went from Opera princess, sailing diva, to "gang banger" in a matter of hours – pretty cool!

So, that was my weekend, what did you do?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

DEVO at Hotel DIVA

September 7th, 2006 by Teresa

Teresa Tango Diva with Devo the band at Hotel DivaWhat a night! Champagne poured freely and the guests mingled as we all waited for DEVO, yes, that fabulous band from the eighties, made their appearance at hotel DIVA.

DEVO was in San Francisco to immortalize themselves in the wet concrete right in front of the hotel. They band showed up in a red fire truck and the crowd went wild.

After the ceremony and a city proclamation, the few VIP guests join the band for a quiet glass of champagne and conversation.

What a fun night! Our next DIVA NATION contest will include a FREE 4-night stay at this Diva-worthy hotel just blocks from San Francisco’s shopping mecca. Stay tuned, the contest starts in October.

For more information about hotel DIVA, check out: HOTEL DIVA