Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chant the beauty of the good

I am in the midst of going through the raw data of our last research project. I am amazed by how my women are still afraid of traveling alone. Why is that? What are you afraid of, really?

I am trying hard to understand this, because I have never been afraid to travel alone, so I can’t comprehend the fear. For example, I’m not afraid of heights and I just don’t get why people are afraid of being high up? What is the fear about?? Falling? Death? Getting hurt? What?? I’m afraid of bugs that bite and cockroaches. Why? Because of diseases and having some gross bug crawl up my leg or in my mouth while I’m sleeping. Now, to me that is a real fear. I’ve been bit, and I have had a bug crawl up my leg, and it’s really horrible. But heights? I don’t get it. Please explain.

So, then it got me thinking about focusing on the good versus the bad. If I focused on all the bad things that “could” possibly happen to me while I traveled, I’d never leave my house. But luckily, I don’t. I focus on all the wonderfully new and exciting adventures that I am going to have and all the fabulous people I am going to meet. And it always happens. I always – and I mean always – meet the best people in the world while I travel solo. And occasionally I get bit by a bug or monkey or a swarm of paper wasps, but nothing has killed me yet. Well, the monkey was a close call!

So, just like the attitude I take when I travel, I will take the same one when I blog. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good."

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I thought I would use this blog as the place where I let my hair down a bit and share how I feel about things in travel that really bother me. I spend so much of my time finding the good in everything and promoting travel as a way to grow, but frankly, many of the people who are working in the travel industry need to take their own advice and CHILL. You want us to travel, spend our money, and help keep your rent paid. Then be nice!

What is up with fat, ugly, rude flight attendants who've been doing their jobs for so long that you can feel the bitterness radiate from their bodies as they stroll the isles for garbage. Do us all a favor and retire. You make flying horrible, and the only way we can get to some of the best places in the world is by getting on a plane. Why make the ride so damned dreadful?

I understand that running an airline costs a fortune, but can you just take a minute and fly on your own planes and see what it's like? The actual act of traveling sucks (no, 9-11 is not the cause of all our travel woes). Can you just beam me to Barcelona Scotty, because the people on this plane are driving me crazy!

What is up with stinky passengers? Can you please take a bath before you get on a plane? Even if you don't think you stink, please take a shower and put clean clothes on before you board. Oh, and deodorant - that is a great call!

And moms with your screaming kids who you let kick the back of my seat. Stop it! Just say no to your child. You might think your child is the center of the universe, but the 300 other passengers on the plane don't.

Okay, that is good for today. Maybe tomorrow I will tackle rude hotel staff or bad waiters.